Fast forward return to work.

We streamline interactions with primary care providers
for insurance companies.

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Timely primary care is disability's current bottleneck


Patients cannot access their providers.

Getting assessed or reassessed for disability is laborious because access to timely appointments with primary care providers in Canada is still strenuous and complex.

patients cannot access their providers

Primary care providers are overburdened.

Family physicians current experience filling or refilling paper disability forms is cumbersome hence detracting them from completing the said forms in timely fashion.

Increasing burden from administrative work and forms to fill for primary care providers
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Preventing patients from a timely return to work.

Insurance forms go paperless with Redeo.

a hand filling a simpler disability form saving time
For Primary Care Providers

Fast forwarding
form completion.

Our whitelabel paperless technology enables primary care providers to digitally access, fill and duplicate previous disability forms thus speeding up form completion in timely fashion directly from their electronic medical record (EMR) software.

Case study coming soon
For Insurance Companies

Fast forward your interactions with primary care providers.

Timely notifications in their inbox

Primary care providers (PCP) receive messages within their electronic medical record's (EMR) inbox upon your case agent's request for a disability assessment.

Scheduled reminders are sent to their inbox further shortening the disability forms completion cycle.

a physician receiving notifications of new forms to fill
provider booking a reassessment visit quickly with a disability patient
Providers will be incentivized to complete reassessment visits quickly
Our secure payment gateway will allow insurance companies to increasingly reward primary care providers who complete disability reassessment visits faster.
Paperless payments coming soon
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For Insurance Companies

Fast forwarding
your disability and
pre-authorization APS management cycle.

Redeo’s scalable and secure technology (API) can integrate with your case management software therefore greatly reducing your departmental paper trail digitalization costs and further accelerating your case agents decisions.

API documentation coming soon
redeo api integrating with EMR and insurance companies softwares

Fast forward patients' return to work.

About Redeo

Founded in 2022 by a technology-driven family physician with years of experience building medical applications now looking to ease the administrative burden on his fellow colleagues.

a photo of Redeo's founder, Dr. Vincent Dumouchel with a link to his linkedIn profile
Our mission is to prevent long-term disability and help patients come back to work.

Frequent medical visits with a trusted PCP lowers the risk of long-term disability.

We believe our paperless solution and our streamlined disability form intake to be able to dramatically improve the primary care providers' current negative perception of disability patients1 thus remedying their access to timely quality care.

redeo's meaning in latin. I'm coming back 1 Lezzoni et al. Physicians’ Perceptions Of People With Disability And Their Health Care. Health Aff (Millwood). 2021 Feb;40(2):297-306.
redeo go paperless we plant trees
You go paperless,
we plant trees.

For every 10 disability forms completed and transmitted through Redeo's API, we commit to plant one tree in Canada.